About Me

Aggarwal Plastic & Roofing Industries

Established in 1984, Aggarwal Plastic & Roofing Industries is an intimately owned business which has come to be one of India’s most successful independent manufacturing companies. With products used worldwide in a broad range of requests and operations, Aggarwal Plastic & Roofing Industries bridges innovation, quality, & service as its cornerstone for success.

Aggarwal Plastic & Roofing Industries continually provides products known worldwide for outstanding durability, strength, light transmission, ease of installation and superior quality. The company deals in Maxlite Fiber Sheets, Maxlite Polypropylene Printed Sheet, Maxlite Polypropylene Textured Sheet, Polycarbonate Sheet, FRP Machine Made Sheet, PP Sheet, PC Lite Diamond Sheet, Maxlite Embossed Poly Sheet, Multi Wall Sheet, Transparent PC Sheet, Maxlite UPVC Sheet, Artificial Grass, Bathroom Door Sheet, Gate Sheet, HDPE Sheet, FRP Molding, Granules, Epoxy Resin, Carbon Fiber, Polyester Resin, Acrylic Sheet, Sun Pack Sheet, Sun Board, Industrial Sheet, Ventilation Sheet and All Kind of Roofing and Gate Sheets. These products provide optimal performance and solutions and are ideal for diverse applications including stadiums, industrial roofing, acoustic barriers, covered walkways, canopies, pergolas, cladding, domes, pool coverings, skylights, roof systems, clerestories, commercial and residential greenhouses, livestock roofing, interior design, P-O-P displays, signage, window glazing, Impact-resistant and bulletproof material for security forces, banks and industrial machinery, and many more.

Indian Market

Over the last 21 years Aggarwal Plastic & Roofing Industries has become a well-known and respected brand in INDIA. With a strong network of 10,000 plus distributors across the nation, regional hubs, nation-wide logistical support along with quality product portfolios,  we provide a strong network of local field sales representatives to the distributors to help them promote and market their products, and have established APRI as a solid local business partner in INDIA.

Outstanding Customer Service 

Aggarwal Plastic & Roofing Industries intends to seize every opportunity to make a strong relationship with customers and doesn’t hesitate to take a step forward in serving customer’s needs.

Many of our advancements have come as a result of the close working relations with our customers. We also provide continuous, reliable technical and marketing support.