Product Details:

Material FRP Sheet
Usage/Application Residential, Commercial, etc.
Resin Type Unsaturated Polyester Resin
Thickness Of Sheet As per Requirement
Surface Treatment Both side Glossy Surface
Size Customized Size
Color Blue, Green, Brown, Clear etc.
Warranty 10 Years
Packaging Type Piece
Production Capacity 1,00,000
Delivery Time 1 – 2 Days Approx.


Flexibility in sizes and thickness: F.R.P. Sheets are custom made sheets and can be made in various sizes, thickness and designs.
Matching Profiles: FRP Sheets can be made in any matching profiles as required by the customer.
Durability: FRP Sheets have very long life, as these are tough and flexible.
Weather Resistant: FRP Sheets are resistant extremes of weather, as these are waterproof, termite proof and Acid proof.
Provides Day Light: FRP Sheets are translucent and hence provide essential daylight in long industrial sheds.
Saves Electricity and Reduce Electricity Bills: FRP Sheets are used of natural day light in long industrial sheds and provides day light for day work and reduces electricity consumption.
No wastage: As FRP sheets can be made custom made sizes there is no wastage.
Translucent: FRP Sheets are translucent and hence does not allow direct sunlight. However it diffuses light and gives more Brightness.
Freedom in color and Design: FRP Sheets can be made in any color and in various designs.
Fire Retardant: FRP Sheets can be made fire retardant if asked by the customer.
Unbreakable: FRP Sheet is crash proof and unbreakable.
Light Weight: FRP Sheets are light in weight when compared with weight to strength ratio.
Easy to maintain: FRP sheets are easy to install, maintain and repair.
Dimension Stability: FRP Sheets have good dimension stability at high temperature.
High Impact Strength: Resists very high impact strength, which is evident by its application in various fields of automobiles, railways, boats, aircraft’s and defense etc
Glossy Finish: FRP Sheets can be made in single piece with both side smooth glossy finish and shining surface.
No. Fadedness in Color: F.R.P. Sheets are U/V Stabilized hence no or less effect on colors.
Provision for fitting: FRP Sheets have complete provision for fittings and fixtures.


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